We build web parts and TOOLS for microsoft 365.
OUr aim is for our products to be insightful, impactful and useful .
Easy to install, easy to use and useful.

Our experience with SharePoint dates back to 2003 as developers, administrators, consultants and evangelists. As we have grown up with SharePoint we are passionate about the benefits and capabilities of the microsoft 365 platform 

We are constantly exploring new capabilities, assessing potential and investigating opportunities to enhance. We have embraced the latest techniques and frameworks to establish new products that we think will improve on the impressive foundations of microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. We understand the journey that Microsoft taken and we see the opportunities, the features that can be enhanced and the outstanding capabilities of the platform.

our approach to customer service, our pricing and our design is to provide enhancements without barriers. 

Our customer service is personal, professional and effective, delivered in the way we would want it to be; we've been there.