Sharing Manager Web Part

For Microsoft 365

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  • View all shared documents in a single view
  • See the number of shared files in your site
  • Instantly remove shared links from any document
  • List all permissions by user and groups
  • View all access given by sharing links
  • Reset file or folder permissions with a single click
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Giving control over content to those that need it, your users

Instant visibility of all shared content on the SharePoint site.

All content shared by anyone, to anyone, can be unshared at the click of a button.

View shared link recipients

View the permission level, expiry dates and whether password protected

Remove a shared link, or reset all permissions

Take back control of SharePoint. Shine a light on sharing. 

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See all shared content in one place

No need to hunt through libraries and folders.

No need for powershell or audit reports.

Instant insight into shared content for everybody.

Empower your site users to share responsibly.


easy to use interface

As easy as content is shared it can be unshared. Simply remove permissions for the link.

Any user with edit permissions can easily rest permissions back to being inherited. 

Add the Sharing Manager web part to your site and sharing is made simple.


 per Tenant per Year