Tools for Microsoft 365

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Simple, indispensable tools that improve the work and collaboration of your team.

Contacts Manager

For Microsoft Teams

Better Contacts Management in Microsoft Teams
Organize your contacts
Be more productive when working in Teams

Channel Web Part

For Microsoft SharePoint

Embed Channels in your SharePoint pages
Bring Collaboration to your intranet
Get People working together.


For Microsoft Power Automate

Chrome extension for PowerAutomate
More room for expressions
Bigger actions and dropdowns

Sharing Manager Web Part

For Microsoft SharePoint

View all shared documents in a single view
View permissions by user and groups
remove shared links from document

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Tools for Microsoft 365

SharePoint Web Parts

Sharing Manager
Web Part
for SharePoint

Take back control of
shared file permissions and SharePoint with this one-click power tool.

Instantly manage shared files

Web Part
for SharePoint 

A simple way to pull
Teams channel conversations
into SharePoint pages.

Bring Collaboration to your Intranet

Ryan Healy, 365apps CEO

What if you could give every employee three more hours this week?

By customizing the functionality to suit the needs of management and users, you can easily remove hours of admin.

We've worked with SharePoint for 10+ years consulting companies around the world to help them get the most value from their systems.

As Microsoft 365 evangelists, we're passionate about expanding the benefits and capabilities of its tools.
Our apps are built with an intimate understanding of:
Management needs
Security requirements
Unique use cases

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