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Calendar Hub


Mulitple Calendars in one place 

  • Show calendars from SharePoint, Groups, Rooms and outlook in one place
  • Events from SharePoint in views you can control
  • Group Events And Meetings,  include your own Outlook calendar too.
  • Planner tasks in calendar view Directly in teams alongside your schedule
  • Monthly, Weekly, Work Week, Daily Or Agenda Views
  • Show any group calendar and your personal events
  • Include Meeting Room calendars too
  • add to any modern SharePoint page or Teams as a personal app or tab
  • Overlay multiple calendars
  • Add as a tab in teams Channels to manage your group events and tasks
  • Use as your personal teams calendar to manage  all your group events in one place.

per tenant for 12 months

Free for 14 days

Teams in Sharepoint

MulTiple Calendars

Overlay multiple Office 365 group calendars

Only group members can see those events

Include personal calendar events, only visible to the logged in user

Toggle visibility on each overlay using the interactive legend, Choose the colour of each source

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Sharepoint calendarS

Manage sharepoint events calendars as a monthly view in SharePoint

include any list with a dates 

Include the users personal calendar events as an overlay (will always be private)

Configure how many future and past months to include

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planner Tasks as a calendar

Manage group planner tasks

Defaults to the due date of each task

Include the users personal calendar events as an overlay (will always be private)

Configure how many future and past months to include

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Channel tab calendar

Manage group calendars as a tab in any channel
Include just one or several groups

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Add to the Teams Side bar

Work in Teams all day? Include everything you need to track in one place.

Easily manage each source to show whats important to you

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Add and edit events from a  single place

Events are managed with the standard, familiar interfaces

Hover over events to get a quick view of content

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Configure how you want it

How many months to include
Choose the colour of each source
What time should day and week views start and end on.
Multiple views;
Month, Week, Work Week, Daily and Agenda

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Frequently Asked Questions

what are the features of the calendar plus webpart do?

calendar Plus lets you manage events from any of your groups alongside your own calendar events. 
you can show multiple calendars overlayed in a single view.

will users see calendar events from groups they are not members of?

No. The calendar Plus web part uses the Microsoft Graph API to return content related to the logged in user. Only those useres in the group will see the events even though the web part could be configured for multiple other groups

How Do I install the calendar Plus webpart?

The Teams solution will be provided to you as an ".sppkg" file. This file needs to be deployed in the tenant App Catalog. this web part requires API permissions via the SharePoint administration portal.
Your administrator will need to deploy this solution for it to be available in your site collection. Once this is done simply edit a modern page and add the Teams Webpart.

How Do I configure the webpart?

The page author needs to choose the team and one of its channels in the web part property panel.  Click on edit web properties and add in information on the team and channel as well as your license key .

How DoES Licensing work?

Calendar plus web part will automatically check for a valid license using our web service. Each license is tied to a specific site collection. At the end of the 14 day free trial an annual license will have to be purchased. See below for pricing.




Fully featured version available to use for 14 days


Annual per tenant licenCe


for 12 months


License includes usage per tenant for 12 months

Includes all updates and 24 hr email support.

Education and Non-Profit pricing is available